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The Carrollton Courthouse Pin is a tribute to the building that Carrolltonians treasure and the stories that our community has made together within its walls.


Since its completion in 1855, the Carrollton Courthouse has been the center piece of Carrollton architecture and is the most historically important building in the neighborhood. In many forms and over the span of 158 years, the courthouse served the people of Carrollton.


The courthouse was converted into a public school building in 1889 where generations of Carrolltonians attended middle and high school. The offices were our class rooms and the court room was our library. The dark, damp concrete holding cells on the first floor were our changing rooms for P.E. class. Where the gallows once stood in the rear was our playground. The narrow wooden stairs were so well-worn from use that the steps were dangerously concave in the center. There was no AC and it would get so hot that our desks melted into the umpteen layers of polyurethane coating the cypress floors. The building was run down, but we loved every crack, every inconvenience because this was the Carrollton Courthouse and we were proud to be a part of its story. Our courthouse has been slated for another journey as private developers convert it into a retirement care facility.


The Carrollton Courthouse pin measures 1 x 1" and has a fancy gold plated backing and clasp.

Historic Carrollton Courthouse Pin

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